AI Generated Influencer Marketing

AIModelWizard is a platform that helps you to create AI generated influencers for your marketing campaigns. We use the latest AI technology to create the most realistic and engaging influencers for your brand.

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Limitless Creativity at Your Fingertips

No studio? No model? No problem.

Unveil the power of bespoke model generation with cutting-edge AI — transforming your every idea into stunning visual narratives. No matter where you are, our application lets you fashion virtual models poised for perfection, mirroring your vision with impeccable fidelity.

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AI-Powered Consistency.
Unleash the potential of facial-recognition AI to reproduce the same model face across various scenarios in your social media campaigns. Streamline your brand's look with uniform consistency in facial features for every post.
Instant Custom Characters.
Input your preferences once and our app does the rest, crafting characters with the traits you desire. Use your custom creations repeatedly for visual storytelling that captivates your audience.
Detailed Model Customization.
Master the art of model creation with advanced controls over eye color, hair color, skin details, and more. Personalize the avatar to match your specific campaign needs right down to the lighting direction.
One-Click Variations.
Quickly generate different poses and outfit changes. From striking model poses to subtle expressions, each variant enhances market appeal and bolsters campaign strength without compromising on quality.
Scalable Image Upsizing.
Whether it’s billboards or profile pictures, enlarge your generated photos without losing the crisp detail. Keep messaging clear with high-resolution images custom-fit for every platform.
Import Feature for Flexibility.
Integrate faces from different platforms into your models with ease. Insert any model’s face onto your custom creation for the ultimate tailoring in image composition without starting from scratch.

AI-Powered Image Manipulation at Your Fingertips

Got a face? Got a photo? No problem.

Experience the power of custom image manipulation with cutting-edge AI. Our application allows you to seamlessly integrate any face into any photo, creating stunning visual narratives that mirror your vision with impeccable fidelity. Regardless of your location, our application empowers you to create perfect virtual models, transforming your ideas into reality.

Source Face

The face you want to integrate into your photo.

Target Photo

The photo into which the face will be integrated.

AI Integrated Result

The final result after the face has been seamlessly integrated into the photo by our AI.


Credit Packages

Choose an affordable package that’s packed with the best features for engaging your audience and creating best AI generated images.


Create captivating avatars for clients with AI-enabled precision.


  • 100 credits for $29
  • Eligible for Commercial Use
  • AI Charachter Generator Tool
  • Up to 5 AI Charachters
  • 48-hour support response time


Most popular

Streamline your content pipeline with scalable character generation.


  • 250 credits for $49
  • Eligible for Commercial Use
  • AI Charachter Generator Tool
  • Up to 15 AI Charachters
  • 48-hour support response time


Leverage custom support and advanced features for your brand portfolio.


  • 750 credits for $99
  • Eligible for Commercial Use
  • AI Charachter Generator Tool
  • Up to 50 AI Charachters
  • 12-hour support response time

Frequently asked questions

How does the AI character creation work?

Our AI model leverages advanced algorithms to generate characters based on your specific input. Once you provide attributes such as age, nationality, skin details, and more, our system crafts a unique character that fits your brand guidelines and campaign goals.

Can I adjust the features of a model after creation?

Absolutely! Our tool offers full customization at any stage, allowing you to tweak hair color, facial expression, posture, lighting, and other aspects to fine-tune your model until it's perfect.

Is it possible to create a model that maintains brand consistency?

Yes, that's one of our platform's strengths. By defining a character description and customizing features, you can generate consistent models with the same face and body measurements to maintain brand coherence across different visuals.

Can I create multiple variants of the same image?

Definitely. Our system allows you to easily produce different variations of your chosen model, whether it's changes in scenarios, clothing, or poses. With our resize tools, you can also adjust the dimensions of your images to suit specific platform requirements without losing detail.

Can I use a face I own in the character modeling process?

Yes, you can! Our system has a feature extraction tool that allows you to upload your own facial images. It then integrates the distinctive features from these images seamlessly into your custom models, making it possible to personalize the avatars even further with unique facial details you provide. Whether you're creating a digital twin or aiming to keep a consistent face for branding, we've got you covered.

Can I generate content for adults-only platforms like OnlyFans, Fanvue or Fansly?

Yes, our platform supports the creation of NSFW content and is equipped with the necessary tools to cater to adult-oriented platforms such as OnlyFans, Fanvue, and Fansly. With the ability to customize characters to fit mature content requirements, our system can help you produce the precise and tailored visuals you need for your subscribers.

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